Sunday, 26 July 2009

Jonah -- who is almost 35 now – quoted & captured.

„Jonas qui aura 25 ans en l'an 2000“ aka „Jonah Who Will Be 25 in the Year 2000“ is a movie about searching oneself and ourselves again in the continual industrial & capitalistic mass after the 68s revolution.

„All our wisdom is but servile prejudice, our customs but constraint, servitude and confinement.
Socially, man is born, lives and dies in slavery. At birth, he is bound in linen, at death, nailed into a coffin“.

„Pieces of history. What’ll we call them? Hours? Years? Centuries“?

„Progress means that the winners win not only the battle. They’ve also been chosen as intrinsically superior beings“.

„I’m no determinist, but in your first cell there was a message you’re now reading“.

„If you never spend your money,
you know you’ll always have some cash.
If you stay cool and never burn, you’ll never turn to ash.
If you lick the boots that kick you, you’ll never feel the lash.
And if you crawl along the ground, at least you’ll never crash.
So, why, why, why... what made you think you could fly“?

„When one tries to explain that faith, that the smallest bit of matter, must be the beginning of life, or one tries to establish what this faith consists of... one stands in front of an impossibility. One can only say that this faith belongs to the very essence of things and relies on nothing“.

„But man has invented a terrible silence. Building it stone by stone. And no longer hears the messages around him. If he could hear them, he’d be a little encouraged he’s not the only one to speak... the only one who keeps the world turning“.

„Does the wind feel the clouds? Does the bicycle know it moves“?

„Does water feel anything? And if it's made to boil“?

„When we move, does the moon move too“?

„The old understand the value of time. When you have a lot, time is both future and past. All memories are in the present. And all hopes too. But they don’t destroy the present. That’s why I like old people“.


„I'm in the 20th century, Jonah. I'm only asked to keep quiet, to accept everything. I'm only permitted to do what I’m paid to do“.

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